A downloadable game for Windows

Eat all the leaves to metamorphasise into a beautiful butterfly, then fly to the end!

Caterpillar: WASD to move Tail, Arrow Keys to move Head
Butterfly: Arrow Keys to move Butterfly

Super Secret Dev Cheat: Space to freely switch between Caterpillar and Butterfly

Group 21:
- Code &  Art by me (Fraser/SemaphorGames)   YouTube
- Music & SFX by finneganeganegan  finneganeganegan.xyz

Game Jam Aotearoa 2022, Theme: Transition

Install instructions

Unzip "Build 6" folder somewhere

In Build 6 folder, open "AotearoaGameJam.exe"


Flutterby.zip 32 MB


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My favourite


Interesting concept, I think the input systems let the game down a little. Great music and animation